WhatsApp + 360Dialog ($50/month)

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Maxychat partners with 360Dialog, which is an official WhatsApp API partner. We are bringing special partner prices that start with $50 per month. Check more details(opens new window)

You will be able to build your WhatsApp chatbot with the best pricing, and also the most supported message types. For example, template messages & product catalogue messages are both supported within Maxychat if you are using 360Dialog.

In this help document, we will show you step by step how to get your WhatsApp chatbot set up.

Checklist #

In order to build your first WhatsApp chatbot, you will need the below 3 things to get started

  • Verified Facebook Business Manager: You will need to have a verified business manager account, if you don’t have it, you can still test the bot with the sandbox we offer. But the features will be limited.
  • A new phone number that hasn’t been used with WhatsApp: you can buy a new phone number or cancel your phone number for other BSP providers.
  • Connect the number to Maxychat.

That’s all you need to have to set up your first WhatsApp chatbot with Maxychat.

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