GDPR Compliance

GDPR Review For Maxychat

How Maxychat is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 

• Our core business operations involve the regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale √ 

• Our services have been designed and updated to follow the local & international data protection laws and regulations √ 

• We have the complete responsibility to protect our customer’s data using the required technical techniques and legal agreements √ 

• We have a strong data protection policy that guides all the employees in how to keep personal data secure √ 

• We have a clear policy for our customers to exercise their rights regarding personal information √ 

• We have implemented all policies, procedures, and standards of conduct that ensure that employees are informed of in the case of a violation √ 

• We have implemented all required technical and organizational measures to be compliant with the GDPR obligations √ 

• The personal data that we process through our services is stored, transferred and shared based on legal bases that are completely compliant with the GDPR √ 

• The personal information of our customers is being saved and processed via high-security & encryption techniques √ 

• Our analysis and researches are completely compliant with the local & international data protections laws and standards √ 

• All provided information to our customers, and monitoring their progress & satisfaction are completely compliant with the GDPR √ 

• We maintain Sub-processor security standards that are mandatory to store, process or transmit Personal Data that provides a baseline of control expectations for the evaluation of each Sub-processor, conformance and risk acceptance based on the nature of the Sub-processor relationship. Each Sub-processor is required to sign contracts (DPA) that ensure the same level of protection to us as our obligations to Controller √ 

• A data protection consultant has approved our company’s compliance with the GDPR √